"Firestar is a wonderful intuitive human being with healing powers that heal both the body and soul. Her touch is magical and firm without being too aggressive and exactly where you need it. She is sweet, honest, caring and knows what she is doing. She has been massaging me for years and I have only gotten better as she continues to work on me. I am a Mother and she has also done some reiki healing work on my newborn baby with colic and it has not only calmed her but helped me attune with my own ways of healing. She is a teacher and a giver and is always willing to help, which to me is something that is very rare. I trust her and recommend her to anyone who is trying to heal either their bodies, souls or both. She is the one."  - Cj, Smith, Richmond, Ca

"Firestar is a true healer and her work is so powerful. I had been dealing with heartbreak and gave her a call to see if she could help me get past it. She was friendly, receptive, and intuitive. She is very easy to talk to and her passion for her work really shows through. She gave me a Reiki session using crystals. During the session, she also acted as a medium and identified the spirits that guarded me. One of which was my grandmother. She was able to describe her which made me cry in disbelief. She was able to put me at peace and at the same time spark an excitement in me that I hadn't felt in a while. She really helped change my perspective on myself and made me feel comfortable in my own skin again. Thank you Firestar for your incredible work!" Bentrish, Oakland

"After my 1st session with Firestar, I felt my entire body open up and all the "bad stuff" drain out!  I literally felt my body drain!  Not only does she give the "BEST" therapeutic, deep tissue massage, she also does Reiki on me as well.  She makes the tension, stress and all negativity disappear!  Her hands are magic as is she! This is the best money you will ever spend on yourself and who deserves it better than you! If you want to feel amazing and stress free, book an appointment ASAP.  I just referred her to two people this morning.  I walked in to a smoothie bar to get a juice and they told me I was glowing!  Firestar helps me glow! Forever Grateful!" - Merrill, New York

“If you want the best and most healing massage in the Universe, call Firestar. I have been working with her now for six years, and being particularly intuitive about massage therapists. I consider myself blessed to have her. Honestly, she is the most professional, calming, loving, giving therapist on the planet. She always knows what to do….the key to a good massage, is the therapist changing their game to suit your needs at the time and not do the same thing over and over--she has that. Her healing and calm are amazing skills. When I moved out of Los Angeles, my biggest fear was losing her, but she gave of herself to find a way to come to me once a month for which I am eternally grateful. My only regret is that I cannot “beam her” to me once a week. YOU WILL LOVE HER AND NEVER WANT ANYONE ELSE TO TOUCH YOU….I PROMISE.”  - Gloria F., Palm Springs

"I've had the privilege to have Firestar do bodywork on me for over 20 years. Combining her bodywork with also being a Reiki Master has added another dimension to her healing abilities. I have been able to integrate and reunite with a part of my soul that I had blocked for many years.  My inner truth finally had a chance to be heard and acknowledged. I have learned to love who I am! She is such a loving, giving, person and each healing experience is different and amazing. She intuitively knows what I need Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually. She is a blessing to so many people. Anyone would be privileged to receive her healing.”  -Beverly, Woodland Hills



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YELP Reviews

“Firestar is a healer beyond the physical form. The minute I am in her presence, she brings a calm and love that immediately relaxes me. Her hands immediately begin sensing any tightness or holding of the muscles or feelings trapped beneath my skins surface. As she rests her electric hands on me, the tension of my day, of my life, begins to melt. There are people who massage bodies and there are people who heal people. Firestar does the work necessary in her own life to clear her own noise and static out of the way so that she can be a vessel and a space to heal. From the Reiki master she has become, to the body worker, to the woman who seems to magically listen to my body and know exactly what it needs, to the healer she is…. I am constantly blessed and graced by the power of the healing space she holds and returns me to. She is the gift I give myself when I know I need to be loved. I can not recommend her more highly.”  -Jo S., Santa Monica

"I have been receiving massages from Firestar for 7 years and I've never met a more intuitive or skilled masseuse! She's a healer and is so gifted at pinpointing my areas of stress- not just physical, but also on emotional and mental levels as well. I'm a Pilates instructor and very in touch with my own body and she was able to make me aware of stress points I didn't even know were there! I'm truly blown away by her ability to heal, as well as her kindness and empathy, which make me feel comfortable and safe." - Deana Rae, Marina Del Rey